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C3 Corvette style hood

We at Engineered Victories would like to introduce our latest product. Our very own custom built C3 Corvette style hood. A little history on how this hood came to be.


We had a customer with a C3 Corvette that decided he wanted us to build a 571 ci big block that ran off E85. An incrediable motor that turned out great. We knew this motor would sit a little tall so we began taking measurements. We informed the customer that with this motor, the stock C3 hood just wouldn't work. The customer liked the style of his L88 hood and wasn't in the market for your typical cowl style hood.


corvette hood corvette hood

When searching for a hood that fit our customer's exact description, we could not find a solid option on the market that would work. We at EVI strive to give our customers exactly what they want, so we decided, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.


corvette hood corvette hood


The original hood was made in house. Cutting the original and raising the center to give us the hood clearance we needed, but to keep the L88 styling. After countless hours of cutting and forming the aluminum to give it the shape we wanted, the form was made.


corvette hood corvette hood

Our corvette customer was so impressed that we decided to make these hoods readily available for all C3 Corvette owners. We feel this hood not only delivers a stylish look to your C3 Corvette, but it's also light weight. Weighing in at just 22lbs! That's 43lbs less than the C3 factory hood.

corvette hood corvette hood

Our new hood is of a hand laid fiberglass material. Plenty of room for a big block with a tall intake and plenty of room to spare if you want to add a nitrous plate later.



Hood front 9"
Hood side with tape on curve: 5 1/2"
Hood side with straightedge : 4 5/8"
Hood rear with straightedge on latch mount surface: 4 3/4"
Deepest measurment: 6 1/8"


Price: $849.95

*Some minor finish work may be required. Does not include hardware.


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